10 Free Digital Tools to Spur Your Child’s Creativity

Ever wondered why kids are fascinated with video games more than regular story books?

Yes, there could be diverse reasons but the cardinal appeal lies in the artistic designing and the creative charm. These innovative assets are certainly instrumental in luring the new generation.

In recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the concept of fostering creativity in learners. This calls for an innovative thinking model.

Technology can serve as an amazing tool to unleash hidden creative instincts in kids. High time parents stopped viewing the computer like a television or an object of information. Instead, let us re-evaluate it as a creativity help channel, aimed at enhancing ingenuity and expression.

Here are 10 free digital tools to get your child’s brain moving in the right direction!

1. Tux Paint

This is an award-winning tool that promises to tweak your child’s artistic flair. The program is designed especially for kids in the age group of 3 to 12 years.

This computer literacy drawing activity comes with a blank canvas and array of drawing tools. The platform aims to encourage creativity and unfold artistic talent.

2. Kleki

children creativity

This is yet another tool for all budding artists out there! It facilitates experimentation with various brushes and color palettes. The program is designed with effortless and easy to use interface.

The biggest asset is that there is provision to save drawings and return later for completion!

3. Drawing Desk

Another incredibly engaging digital tool is Drawing Desk. The program is a favorite of more than 11 million users across the globe. Presenting four diverse options namely; Kids Desk, Doodle Desk, Sketch Desk and Photo Desk- this tool will very soon ensure your child is creating masterpieces!

The program is easy to use and generates flawless results.

4. Bubblr

If your precious one has passion for comics, then this tool is perfect choice!

Bubblr is an incredible tool to generate comic strips. You can easily incorporate sequence of pictures from flickr, add bubbles and go ahead to create your own story line!

5. Comic Master

Comic Master

This tool guarantees exemplary learning and enjoyment!

Comic Master is especially designed to weave a story with the help of conventional comic features. You just need to sign up free of cost and get going. The users can select colorful comic templates, backgrounds, characters, speech bubbles and much more.

Such an activity augments creativity and renders an opportunity to offer a personalized effect.

6. PicLits

Not every child is bestowed with the inherent skill of articulation. If your child showcases aptitude for expression but needs guidance, this digital tool will work wonders!

This is site offers tips to get creative with wonderful pictures and appropriate keywords. It inspires children to select the right keywords for the right pictures. Gradually, the activity facilitates the creation of a story capturing the correct essence of the picture.

7. Smilebox

Smilebox is perfect for designing slideshows, greetings, invitations, scrap books, collages and photo albums.

Once you have downloaded the application, you will be spoilt for choice! There are about 1000 templates you can choose from and customize your own album or invite. You could even add further appeal by penning down your comments and uploading your favorite music.

This is one tool with plethora of choices, waiting to spark your little ones creativity!

8. Puppet Pals

digital tools

Not interested in writing or art? Puppet Pals is here for those with love for animation!

This tool will surely bring out your child’s hidden directorial streaks. It furnishes the opportunity to craft exclusive shows with real animation and audio effects.

Choose your favorite actors, backdrops, music and voila! The stage is all set. Just tap record and have fun!

9. Incredibox

This amazing digital tool allows kids to enjoy music and at the same time inculcates composition skills. Your child is surely going to fall in love with this beat boxing crew.

Parents may get a wee bit exhausted hearing the repetitive numbers but it will be endearing to comprehend how simple sounds come together to create musical magic!

Your child may require slight guidance initially as the site is difficult to navigate. However, soon he/she will be a pro at it!

10. Kiko’s Thinking Time

Do you desire augmenting critical thinking and cognitive skills in your toddler? Well, we have some suggestions for you as well.

This is a highly engaging tool for kids below 5 years of age. This adaptive program is structured to enhance memory and concentration. The objective of this creation is solely to help your child succeed in all walks of life.


In isolation, no digital tool has the potential to make your child highly creative. It can only act as a catalyst helping you release their creative instincts.

Also, every child’s aptitude and inclination varies. What works for one may not prove helpful for another. However, since all these tools come free of cost so there’s no harm in giving it a try!

The bottom line is that you need not teach creativity…….you just need to inspire it!

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