The final exams are done, and school year is coming to a close! There are many activities to take care of before your kids’ school finally closes, and it can be a challenge for you to keep everything on track while your kids are enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays. Our tried and tested tips keep you calm and organized while handling these stressful days.

1. Maintain schedules: These days are the best examples of why you need to maintain schedules. Having a structure will allow you to make the most use of you and your child’s days, and complete all the priority tasks as and when they come up.

2. No room for anxiety: Transitioning from one year to the other is tough for kids. Make sure your child is not feeling anxious about moving onto the next class. You can do this by talking to them about their school year and all that the next year is going to bring for them. Keep them prepared for changes in their education, class, and all major changes.

3. Streamline the process: There are already enough activities around the time a school year is about to end. Adding more activities will only clutter your time and divert you away from the main things. Prioritize your child’s tasks so that they concentrate only on the most urgent things.

Make outdoor days about discovery and exploration!

4. Plan for outdoor days: Summer holidays are long and can often get boring.  Before the school year ends, introduce your child to picnic days. Choose a spot under the shade of trees in your local park or garden and go out with your kid for a few hours. Let them play around while you relax. This is an effective way to utilize your child’s energy and a fun way for you to relax in the middle of the day!

5. Keep aside some family fun time: Your kids may want to play all day long, while you want them to be there for family time. Why not mix the both? Play games with your child as a family. Any word games such as Monopoly, Life, etc. are great examples of engaging games that will keep your family entertained for hours.

6. Keep up with study habits: If it’s one thing that children hate during holidays, it’s studying. But staying away from studies for such long periods will break their studying habits. One way to deal with this is to bring up interesting ways to follow their study habits. For example, encourage your child to read a book and then ask him to explain it to you. Ask questions in between, just like an examination, and watch him answer with enthusiasm. This will keep your children in touch with the basic habits related to everyday studies. You can also get them to do fun exercises in math, thanks to all the activity books that are available in the market.

Keep the last day of school fun going on at home as well!

7. Last day of school activities; Usually on the last day of school, teachers plan fun activities for their students. Once your child comes home, continue the activity streak with a few simple games at home, so your child can end the day on a good note, before starting his summer holidays.

8. Ask for their inputs: While establishing a proper routine for your children during their summer holidays, ensure that they have a say in it. Don’t make it like a fixed routine that they “have to” follow every day, instead make it fun and interesting with lots of different options. Ask them for ten interesting activities they would want to do during the holidays. Since it is summer, you can include as many water-related activities as you want!

9. Summer travel: A summer vacation is not really a vacation unless you travel somewhere with your family! Whether it is going to your grandparents’ home or simply exploring new cities, it is essential to start planning at a very early stage. Accommodation, travel, and much more need to be arranged so that your family vacation is truly enjoyable with your loved ones.

10. Say thank you to teachers: Your child’s teachers have been a part of your child’s learning process for a whole year. Ask your child to make “thank you” cards for all his teachers, so they get the appreciation they deserve from their students. This activity will also teach your child to be thankful and kind to others, including their elders.

These are 10 of our best tips that you can use to make your end-of-school year experience more memorable! Do you have any more tips that you use during this time?  Tell us below in the comments!