8 Benefits of Visiting Your School Library

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I remember in our school days, students would spend hours reading and conducting research in the school library. Today the space is sparingly visited by the student guild!
We all live in a high-tech, information-driven world. The progression of technology has made information accessible with a click of a finger. But can these gadgets really overshadow the benefits of conventional methods?
A school library is an integral component of the school system. It is the nerve center of academic learning and a wonderful place to spend leisure time as well. Continue reading “8 Benefits of Visiting Your School Library”

How Having a Pet Can Change Your Child’s Life for the Better

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Not everyone can be an animal lover! But if you have compassion for these adorable living creatures and are contemplating the inclusion of a pet into your family; this article may help you reach a decision!
Fido and whiskers can definitely transform your child’s life! Keeping pets can be hugely beneficial for your child’s mind and body. In fact, many families acquire pets only for the sake of their kids.
When asked for reasons, most parents may just state, ‘Pets are good for children!’ We bring to you substantial evidence highlighting how these furrier family members can benefit your child emotionally, intellectually and socially. Continue reading “How Having a Pet Can Change Your Child’s Life for the Better”

10 Free Digital Tools to Spur Your Child’s Creativity

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Ever wondered why kids are fascinated with video games more than regular story books?

Yes, there could be diverse reasons but the cardinal appeal lies in the artistic designing and the creative charm. These innovative assets are certainly instrumental in luring the new generation.

In recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the concept of fostering creativity in learners. This calls for an innovative thinking model. Continue reading “10 Free Digital Tools to Spur Your Child’s Creativity”

15 ways to get students more engaged in the classroom dynamic

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The entire education system in India is being transformed by introducing new and modern teaching methods like projects and assignments, co-curricular activities and CCE i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Education.

And a major part of this revolution is played by the changing classroom dynamics. These days classrooms aren’t about one-way communication from the teacher to the students with the help of a blackboard. It has evolved into a more dynamic and effective form where the flow of knowledge is multi directional. The knowledge and material learned come from contributions made by the teacher and students both. Hence learning becomes more fun and interactive while still getting the material across. Continue reading “15 ways to get students more engaged in the classroom dynamic”

How to educate your child about gender bias and other biases

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In the world around us, many biases prevail, but the biggest bias that we encounter in our day to day life is the one of gender bias. A line has been drawn dividing us, not merely into male and female but into competent and incompetent, into stronger and weaker, and into privileged and unprivileged. And this isn’t a line drawn today but one existing since centuries. Continue reading “How to educate your child about gender bias and other biases”

How to help your child follow his or her passion

We all wish to see our children happy and successful in their future. We give them everything we can to help them thrive as human beings. But in this quest to give them what we think we want for them, we sometimes forget to ask what they want for themselves. And this is especially true in India even in today’s times. Uncommon passions such as passion in sports and travelling are still not recognized for their advantages.
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7 ways quizzing can affect your child’s growth

Quizzes are an effective yet fun way to ensure that the child has learnt the topic. Usually, they are multiple answer choices and require the correct answer to be selected. But since its introduction into the field of education, there have been many types of quizzes devised by experts to enhance the process of learning.
Here are 7 ways in which quizzing can help your child’s education:
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9 Ways Travelling Can Teach Our Kids Valuable Lessons

Every New Year commences with profound resolutions aimed at putting your family first. You too may have resolved to spend additional time with your loved ones. Did you vow to explore the world together? Did you imagine creating cherished memories of family adventures?

As the weeks roll over, hectic professional routines dominate our lives and the sagacious words seldom turn to reality!

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How to Teach Your Kids to Cook

Teaching your kids to drive may be easier than tutoring them to cook. At least, the former has brakes!
Feeding nutritious food to your child is one of the biggest responsibilities of any parent. We all love cooking innovative recipes for our little ones – just to see the spark in their eyes and watch them relish the scrumptious grub!
However, making children self-sufficient is another important task of parenthood. As they grow older, it is cardinal that children imbibe the skill and knowledge to feed themselves.

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